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Raisins: In the Qur'an (Surah En'am, 99) mentioned the benefits of fruits in terms of raisins from the grapes by drying a very valuable food. Some nutritional values ​​than age grapes. With vitamins A and B1, calcium, potassium, iron, and contains minerals such as sodium. In addition, there are 290 calories 100 grams of dry grapes.

Dry grape Benefits: A good source of energy. Blood makes the body fatten. The liver is beneficial. Pulmonary disease is good. Mucus out. Nutritional values ​​and supports the development of children in particular. In addition, dry grapes, particularly joint pain and inflammation, including the content of anti-inflammatory agents are also some.

How to Use Dry Grape? Dry grape jam and compote can be made as a direct . In addition, many also participate in the sweet and the cake. Whether eaten with pepper and kidney beans are good for the kidneys will help to shed sand. Molasses helps to resolve with anemia. In addition, grape seed oil is extracted from grapes, heart disease and cholesterol is beneficial.



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