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WALNUTS: Walnut, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber in terms of a nutritious diet. Walnut with a high calorific value of food for our health, we need to choose unsaturated fats.

Walnut Benefits: Contains Omega 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, thanks to the development of the brain and intelligence support. Gives the body energy. It strengthens the memory. Removal of harmful substances in the body help the body. Helps to lower cholesterol. Indigestion fixes. Diarrhea, constipation and dysentery fixes. Chest pain and cough, the benefits are seen. Walnut oil Intestinal worm. Removes stains, stains the skin ovulursa driven. Sürülürse heal calluses. Walnut, eaten with honey is good basura.

Walnut How to Use Walnut tree, the fruit of the walnut oil, walnuts and walnut from the outside, bark and leaves are also used. Green shells are crushed and used dye his hair and hands. Drunk as a tea by boiling water from the walnut leaf strengthens the stomach, throat and tonsil infections helps to improve. This is done with water bath is good for skin conditions.


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